Section 1: Care

(art. 11-25)

The Civil Code sets down the principle whereby no one may violate a person’s physical integrity without consent. Medical care are considered a violation, so it is necessary to get a person’s consent before providing care.

Articles 11 to 18

The first diagram is a straightforward visualisation of the articles, closely following the CCQ’s order and structure.

The second diagram follows the two-column system put forward in the last post. The left column contains rules on who may give consent, and the right column, the conditions that applies to the consent.

Articles 19-25

Articles 19 to 25 are about alienation of a body part (organ donation) and experiments.

The rearranged diagrams shows the articles in 2 columns, the left one with rules on whether one is allowed to alienate or experiment, and the right one with conditions surrounding these rights.

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